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Jesus Fusion School of Supernatural Ministry

Are you ready to experience a Holy Spirit led life?

Our Vision

Students will be activated to live in Heaven here on earth in Christ Jesus and demonstrate the Gospel. They will see themselves in union (fused) with Jesus.

They will live in the JOY of His finished work where they will experience His intimacy and authority and impact the world around them, advancing the Kingdom of Heaven.

About Our School

What You Will Learn

Students will learn to see their identity in Christ and to live a life where the supernatural is normal. Be activated in His joy, healing, the prophetic and all the gifts of the Spirit.

Meet The Team


Apply Now

Jesus Fusion School is local to the Inverness, Crystal River area of central Florida.

Registration is open over the summer for our next semester, which begins in September.

Contact us for pricing and information about our our upcoming school year.

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